Yep, it's me...Leonard the guy at Hucks in Christopher, Il.

This is my webpage.

Here's all you need to know about me personally.  I'm 4
3 and a lifelong resident
of Christopher, Il.  I attended Christopher Grade and High Schools(Class of 1985)
and I've worked at my current job for
20 years(beginning July 11, 1990).(it's what
I do, however, and not who I am)     I'm single and I love it...........  you can click on
the picture of me above to go to my
facebook page, where you can find out even
more about me.  
Me at 9 years old in the fall of 1976(third
grade) on my picture for some goofy
school pictures....
My Family
I'm lucky to have a great family.  My mom and dad are probably my best friends and
have stood by me and have been there when I needed them most. I'd be nowhere
without them to be truthful.  I have 4 great sisters as well........Connie, Lori, Kim
and Cindy. I'm the baby of the family.

My family has grown by leaps and bounds and I have many nephews and nieces as well as a few GREAT nephews and nieces........
Mom and dad on their wedding day, November 23, 1957 and again in 1978.
Mom and me(May 2003)
Dad and me(May 2003)
My Grandmothers
On January 17, 2000, my grandma, Margaret "Maggie" Qualls passed away
at 93 years old.  Click on her picture above to read more about her.......
Grandma Pearson
Click here to view some
pictures of my family!
Lew Jetton & 61 South
Lew and the Boys cd "State Line Blues."  Click on cd
cover to go to Lew Jetton & 61 South's webpage
I can remember the first time I saw Lew Jetton on WPSD TV 6 a LONG time ago.....I can
remember the afternoon anchor(local legend TOM BUTLER) introducing the new weatherman
Lewis Jetton!  Lew left Channel 6 on May 23, 2007 after 18 great years at WPSD!  Lew will  be
missed on our local airwaves!  Be sure and catch Lew and 61 South when they come to your
I got to meet Lew and see him perform at Herrin Festa Italiania's blues night on May 23,
2002.  Click picutre for more pictures of that day.  Click
HERE for pics of the May 22, 2003
show, which I once again attended with my sister Lori.  Click
here for the 2004 show.  Click
HERE for the 2005 Show!
I'd always been fascinated with television from as long as I can remember.  However, my
fascination was increased when my neighbor, Roy Baxley(a local bee-keeper, classical
guitarist and magician) recieved a call from WPSD TV 6 in August of 1979 to appear in a
report on their newscast. Lucille Baxley(Roy's wife) called my mother and invited us to
watch while Roy was interviewed by a reporter from WPSD.

I remember it like it was yesterday. My mother(Ann)and our neighbors, Bob Furlow and
Randy Biby, all stood in the background while Roy(who was a well-known Bee-Keeper)
played his guitar for the reporter and cameraman.  The reporter interviewed Roy for quite
awhile and I noticed the cameraman focusing on me a few times.....I expected I'd have my
BIG local tv debut on their newscast.  So that evening, we tuned in to NEWSBEAT'79(as
WPSD's newscast was called) and the report aired. It was a great piece, but I was
disappointed that my big moment in the sun consisted of a brief long shot of all of us
listening to Roy.

I learned a lot about tv that afternoon and I was bitten by the bug.  I dreamed of being in
broadcasting, but as life has it, it never happened.  However, my love of the business
continues and I love to see great people doing great work.  I have seen many reporters,
anchors, weathermen and sportscasters come and go, so I've created several webpages
saluting mostly local television personalities and shows(and some national shows).  Click
picture below to enter "Leonard's World of Television." Click on Roy Baxley's picture to
learn more about Roy Baxley.
News From Christopher Illinois
With a population of around 2800 people, not a lot goes on here that I could write about.  If
I were to write about all the gossip I hear, now that would make an interesting page....but I
don't think I'll go there.

Christopher, Illinois celebrated it's 100 year birthday on July 3, 4 and 5th with a city wide
party in 2004, which was so successful that they've decided to make it an annual event.  
The Second Annual Homecoming was held on August 5, 6 and 7th, 2005.

The summer of 1999 also brought some excitement.  A motion picture was filmed here.  
Poor White Trash(formerly "Goodbye Sunrise") used several locations in Franklin County
and Southern Illinois for filming.  The old Mr. Snak building on Highway 14 was used for a
scene in the movie.  Several locals got to be extras.  The movie made it's Southern Illinois
premier in Benton, Il at Toler Cinema.  Most of the people I talked to thought the movie
was really well done and quite entertaining!!!  There is a controversy over the new title.  I
feel that this doesn't represent Southern Illinois, but a certain type of people who happen
to LIVE in Southern Illinois.  The controversy is good publicity and will get the film more
attention.  I'm sure this will be used to its fullest.

That isn't the only hollywood connection Christopher least a couple of famous
people were born here...
Gene Rayburn(a famous game show host who died Nov. 29, 1999
click here for obit.) was born here....AND award winning actor John Malkovich was born in
Miner's Hospital(located on the end of the street that I grew up on!)

  My good friend Craig Edwards is the production assistant on "Dawson's Creek".  He has
worked on production and as an extra on several movie and tv projects including the TV
show "American Gothic", "Empire Records" starring Rene' Zellweger(see pic below)  and
the movie "Virus" starring Jamie Lee Curtis(available at your local Wal-Mart)...
Click on picture to go to the movie's website
My good friend Craig Edwards as "Male Rex
Manning Fan" in the movie "EMPIRE
RECORDS".  Click on his picture for his
filmography in the IMDB(Internet Movie
I've been listening to WCIL FM 101.5 since the summer of 1978. It was all AM radio and
KXOK before then.  However, my sister got an FM clock radio that summer and I played it
while she was out.  Ironically the first song I can remember hearing on WCIL was
"Summer Nights" by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta!

I remember lots of the djs through the years....Tony Waitkus, Terry Duckworth, Lori Jo
Thompson, John Riley, Mike Chylewski...all the way up to Jon E. Quest, who is a great
guy......To find out whatever happened to these guys and more click

I've seen many styles of music come and go, Disco, New Wave, Heavy Metal, Teen pop,
Alternative and now(I can NOT stand it at all) RAP(god help us all).....but you CAN count on
one thing...CIL plays all the biggest hits and always stays on top of what is hot........tune in
to see what the kids are listening to......
click above for WCIL's official website!
Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world-wide sure and sign the guestbook below to let me know
you've been here.......I always appreciate your comments(especially
the good ones)......
The Fabulous FOX Theatre, St. Louis
Olivia Newton-John
Sunday, June 22

With guest Michael Buble'

On Sunday June 22, 2003 I achieved a long-time goal of seeing my favorite,
all-time Entertainer Olivia Newton-John in concert!  Olivia appeared at the
Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis along with opening act Michael Buble'.  It
was a night I'll never forget.  Click on the picture of me in front of the Fox
Theatre  above to read my online diary of the week of the show!
ONJ in St. Louis!!
Click picture above to read
my blog of the week leading
up to the was
quite a week of ups and
Michael Buble' performed a great 45 minute set
before the goddess came out!
John Malkovich grew up in nearby Benton, Il, but was born at
Miner's Hospital in Christopher.  His movies include Places in
the Heart, with Sally Field and Dangerous Liasons with Glenn
Close...the acclaimed actor still comes home to the area to visit
his family!  Click on his picture for his filmography from the
IMDB(Internet Movie Database)
The new civic center complex, which houses the
Police dept. and mayor's office.  This was formerly
the Vic Kretz Ford building.
my mother, Grandma Pearson
and my sister Lori in the late
Uncle Clyde"Dudy", son Scott and
my dad August 31, 2003
A picture of my grandma
when she was married to Jack
Riggs, circa the 1920's
Grandma Qualls
Roy, from an article in the Christopher Progress about
his appearance on Newsbeat '79
For some rare pics of me, click picture above!
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"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."-  Willy Wonka
For pictures of my trip to Cancun,
click on picture at left.
A Few More Things...
What's New in the World of Leonard!
Clyde L. "Dudy" Riggs  May 27,
1919-March 11, 2005
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